PCARCA45 ® Platforms

PCARCA45 ® brand line products offer critical properties such as weathering, abrasion, mar, scratching, and impact resistance. Our products are designed for special applications and characterized as Primers, Top Coats and Clearcoats for a host of industries. To learn more about our products and their benefits for your applications, please contact us.

Defense Industry
Defense Coatings

Top Coat
PSC4500 HPMA – Protective Top Coat for Defense Applications

Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Coatings

Top Coat
PSC6700 HPTC – Top Coat for Aerospace Applications

Primer Systems
PSC3000 PMH – Primer Systems for Aerospace Applications

Marine Industry

Top Coat
PSC8000 HPMC – Top Coat for Marine Applications

Automotive Industry
automotive coatings

PCARCA45 5900 H – Clearcoat for Automotive Applications

PCARCA45 5500 MG – Topcoat/Undercoat for Automotive Applications

PSC4000 PMG – Primer for Automotive Applications

Disruptive Special Niche Markets
niche markets

PCARCA45 3100 AL – Clearcoat for General Industrial/Special Niche Applications

Primer Systems
PSC1000 PML – Primer System for General Industrial/Special Niche Applications