PCARCA45® Chemical Platforms

PCARCA45® brand line products are designed for special niche applications for defense, automotive and aerospace sectors.


Compchemtrics™ is a global platform design that encompasses innovations for the electronics, chemical, automotive and renewable energy sectors.

pison cloud advantage

Pison Cloud Advantage™ is a combination of multiple cloud systems sharing information through a secure novel internet infrastructure for global access while utilizing virtual private network cloud clusters.

anitmicrobial coatings

Misurfacute™  anti-microbial coatings platform encompasses innovations for aerospace, automotive, healthcare and furniture sectors.

Pison Stream Solutions: Creations Through Brilliance™

Pison Stream Solutions is a global leader with research & development and manufacturing facilities focusing on special niche chemical additives and coatings for defense, aerospace, automobile, antimicrobial, renewable energy applications, and communication system designs. We work with clients globally to provide leadership and guidance on technology as it continues to evolve.

Disruptive innovation changes your approach to solutions by displacing existing technology for a futuristic solution that best suits today’s global economy. Our platforms and experience helps organizations create new disruptive innovative products.

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